Real Turkeys VI

Real Turkeys VI: "Sounds for Turkey Hunting,” presents typical examples and some variations of the 13 turkey calls normally used or heard in hunting plus longer recorded passages of turkey waking up on the roost using the tree yelp, the “spring jake yelp” of jakes on the roost yelping in response to gobbling, group calling on the roost by more than 60 turkeys in the flock, sounds of a gobbler scratching in the leaves, drumming and associated sounds of strutting, the “hush” call of the hen to quieten her young, and versions of barred owl hooting. All sounds were recorded in the wild.

Real Turkeys VI comes free with Lovett’s new book Wild Turkey Hunting & Management. A copy of the CD is included under the back cover of the book. The CD can also be used without reference to the book.

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