Wingbone Field Grade #1, #2, and "Osceola" Yelpers

Yelper Field Grade #1, from ulna and radius bones, closely resembles the style made by American Indians. It is unsurpassed when you cup your hands over the end as described in the how-to-use instructions. Tuned for hen tones. $34.95.

Yelper Field Grade #2 is made from the same bones as Field Grade #1 with an additional bone piece inserted between the ulna and radius. It is an attractive model slightly longer than Field Grade #1. Tuned for hen tones.

"Osceola" is a fine yelper of classic design made from the bones of a Florida wild turkey. The humerus and ulna are from a gobbler, the mouthpiece is from a hen or a small jake. Available in hen or gobbler tones. Tuned for hen tones unless otherwise requested.


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