Tip :: Preparing Bones for Lovett's Handmade Custom Wingbone Turkey Yelpers

Custom Wingbone Turkey Yelpers From Your Own Trophy
Handmade by Lovett Williams

No turkey calling instrument has the beauty, durability, tonal excellence, and pure mystique of a classic yelper created from bones of a real wild turkey. And one made from the bones of your own trophy gobbler is something very special indeed. Send me your turkey bones and I will return to you a fine turkey calling instrument, inscribed with your name and signed by me.

See the illustration below for the bones suitable for making yelpers. Refer to the Products pages on this web site to see standard yelper styles. A 3-bone yelper is made from the ulna, radius, and humerus (as is the "Osceola"). A smaller 3-bone type is made from the radius, ulna, and a piece of small piece of ulna from a hen to connect the two longer bones (as in Field Grade #2.) The standard 2-bone model (Field Grade #1) is made with only the ulna and radius. Good yelpers can also be made with the thigh bone substituted for the humerus of the "Osceola"type. All models are equally suitable for hunting. The price difference reflects the difficulty in making them. There are many variations--if you want something completely unique, let's discuss it.

Prices are the same as for corresponding models shown in the products section. Pick out the model you want and ship the bones to me with payment plus $2 for shipping. Call me to discuss preferences and options.

I can make a presentation yelper in a fine wooden box for your fund-raising event from bones I have or from those you supply. The yelpers can be inscribed with appropriate wording such as "The 1999 Boot Hill Longbeards Fund-raiser" and so on.

How to Prepare the Bones

Cooked or raw bones are okay, but do not cook in pressure cooker.

  1. Use a knife to remove all the flesh.
  2. Coat the bones with table salt or borax and air dry for a few hours.
  3. Wrap bones in paper towels, seal in a plastic bag, and ship in a small box or padded envelope. Be sure to include your name inside the plastic bag with the bones.
  4. Ship by U. S. mail to:

    Lovett Williams
    P. O. Box 870
    Cedar Key, FL 32625

How to Identify the Bones

Indicate if you want the yelper tuned for gobbler tones as used in fall hunting. To make good hen tones for spring hunting, I can substitute a smaller radius bone if your gobbler radius bone is too large. Instructions for using the wingbone yelper will be supplied with your yelper. There is a chapter about making and using wingbone yelpers in my book After the Hunt With Lovett Williams published by Krause Publications. Price: $15.95 plus $1.50 shipping. Signed copies are available from Real Turkeys™. Order your copy when you order your yelper.

Follow this link to see instructions on How to Use a Wingbone Yelper.

This item is not listed on the order blank.

Tip :: Preparing Bones for Lovett's Handmade Custom Wingbone Turkey Yelpers

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