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After the Hunt with Lovett Williams
by Lovett E. Williams, Jr.

After the Hunt with Lovett Williams is a how-to book about grand slam turkey hunting. Learn how to get your gobbler in Mexico and your trophy back out. Learn how to tell the five wild turkey sub-species apart, where each lives, and what makes them different. Learn how to tell the age of your trophy, how beards and spurs grow, and why some are larger than others. Learn about albinos, double-spurred and double-bearded gobblers, every other freak condition, and how to preserve and display beards, spurs, wings, and tails. Other how-to topics include complete instructions for making and using the wingbone yelper, photographing your trophy, and dressing, cooking, and eating it.

The complete book on what to do with a dead turkey - 256 pages, 200 photos, 16 pages in full color.
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After the Hunt with Lovett Williams

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