Hunting The Gould's Wild Turkey in Mexico
by Lovett E. Williams, Jr.

A 159-page, soft cover, illustrated book about hunting the Gould's wild turkey (Meleagris gallopavo mexicana). For most American turkey hunters, Gould's is the last trophy for the Royal Slam. This book by Lovett Williams compares the Gould's wild turkey to the other subspecies, tells you what you need to know to book a Gould's hunt, what to carry with you and what to expect on your hunt in Mexico's western mountains. Lovett describes tactics for hunting the Gould's and details what you have to do to get your trophy back across the border.

The Gould's Wild Turkey is a different turkey in appearance and behavior and truly is the treasure of the Sierra Madre. Hunting the Gould's should be a successful adventure for any hunter accustomed to hunting turkeys north of the border. Lovett shares his knowledge and some of his many pleasant experiences with the Gould's in the Sierra Madre Mountains of northern Mexico.

Hunting The Gould's Wild Turkey in Mexico

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