A New Old Masters Reprint

Hunting the Wild Turkey
by Tom Turpin

For several years I tried without success to obtain an original copy of Hunting the Wild Turkey. It is evidently very rare. I recently heard that one of the few copies in existence sold for more than $1,000. That's out of my class. I have a copy of the version printed in 1966 by Penn's Woods Call Company. It is a much altered version of Hunting the Wild Turkey that appears to have been retyped on a portable typewriter. That book, indicating Turpin as the author, with an introduction by Roger Latham, has become rare too. Copies now sell for $75 or more. I think Turpin's work deserves wider circulation than it would ever get at those prices and I decided to produce an exact reprint to sell at the modest price of $19.95 to recover the cost of reprinting.

Hunting The Wild Turkey

I have placed Hunting the Wild Turkey between an extra front and back cover for protection, added a foreword and a brief note on the first page of the reprinted copy to identify it as a reprint and not a counterfeit of Turpin's book. Otherwise, the book is reprinted by photographic technology exactly as it originally appeared, metal staples and all. There are no deletions and no additions.

The original book does not show a date of publication. There was evidence at the time of printing that it was published about 1940 but I have since learned from one of Tom Turpin's living relatives that the book was advertised in a magazine issued in 1927. It had to be written before that date which means that Hunting the Wild Turkey is the second wild turkey book ever written.

Tom Turpin was known in his day as a skilled call maker and caller, hunter, craftsman-innovator, and sometime magazine writer. Today's turkey hunters know him mainly for the wingbone yelper that carries his name--a trumpet type employing the modified radius bone of the hen turkey or sometimes a mouth piece fabricated from other material. Besides the "Turpin Turkey Yelper" he also made turkey box calls, duck calls, and crow calls. Turpin was born in 1872. His last hunting trip was for ducks in 1950. He died in 1957 at age 85.

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